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Investment Property Area Guide: Brava

The Cape Verde island of Brava belongs to the south Sotavento group, and is considered as perhaps the most unique and attractive in the entire archipelago. It is a lush and mysterious place only 25 square kilometres is size, dominated by vegetation and flora that lend Brava a deep green, jungle-like appearance. It is an enchanting island, the smallest of the group, and yet offers a wealth of treasures for the visitor.

A soft mist hangs over Brava much of the time, keeping the island cool – although it can get humid – with temperatures generally somewhere between a very pleasant 16 and 26 degrees. Although it is a quiet, extremely beautiful island with a special atmosphere, it currently remains oddly bereft of major tourist activity, but this is mainly due to the fact that Brava offers just one beach, at Faja d’Agua - the black volcanic sand of which is considered in local folklore to contain minerals that are of great benefit to sufferers of arthritis.

Brava is accessed most easily by ferry from Fogo, disembarking at the port of Furna – a hive of activity as ferries containing passengers and cargo come and go at regular intervals. Just 3 kilometres away is Vila de Nova Sintra, the capital of Brava, but even a short journey such as this brings wonderful mountain scenery and the fun of riding in the open air in an aluguer – a small flatbed truck equipped with seats.

Brava is just one of the wonderful Cape Verde islands, idyllically situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the westernmost point of the African continent. escape2capeverde is offering investment opportunities in Cape Verde property, which currently offers superb value for money. This emerging property market will very soon be in the full glare of the investor’s spotlight, so if you are considering purchasing property for sale in Cape Verde, you may wish to subscribe to our free newsletter service to keep fully updated with all Cape Verde property as it goes on sale.

Property for sale in Cape Verde: Brava

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