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Investment Property for sale in Cape Verde: Fogo

Fogo, Cape Verde’s ‘Mother’ island, is one of the archipelago’s destinations for true adventurers, with most activity focusing on the dominant, extinct volcano that formed the island millions of years ago. In fact, to visit Fogo and not go to see the volcano is unthinkable! With a summit not far short of 3,000 metres, Mt. Fogo (or Pico de Fogo) is Cape Verde’s highest point, and the views from the rim are understandably breathtaking.

Fogo is the consistently hottest of the Cape Verde islands, with a great diversity of landscape: the north is fertile and quite humid, while the south is mainly arid and pretty dry all year round. As an island that positively encourages unhurried exploration, visitors should not miss the capital, Sao Filipe: perched on a cliff with black volcanic sand beaches below, the small town boasts a wealth of lovely colonial architecture. A little further north is an area of outstanding natural beauty offering the exquisite natural swimming pool at Salina de Sao Jorge – an unmissable treat for all visitors to Fogo.

But it’s that volcano that you really must see! Although the end result is so very much worth the effort, be warned that the ascent is difficult, and should strictly only be undertaken by those who consider themselves in good physical shape. Although the route is only around 1,200 metres, it can take up to five hours to reach the summit, so should not be treated lightly – especially considering the heat! But if you can do it, you must, as there is the village of Chas das Caldeiras built in the crater, where you can rest overnight in the basic homes of welcoming villagers. From the village, the volcano can be explored on horseback, when you begin to appreciate just how big it really is! With a crater 180 metres in depth and 500 metres in diameter, Pico de Figo is a very impressive sight. The descent, through fields of black volcanic basalt and obsidian rock takes two hours, and is still quite tough, but the good news is that it’s all downhill!

If you do climb the volcano, stay overnight in the village, and are very, very lucky indeed, you may have the opportunity to encounter one of the world’s rarest birds. The nocturnal ngon-ngon is spotted only very occasionally around the crater, and attempts to photograph it have proved fruitless thus far. It is thought that there are only a few dozen ngon-ngon left in existence, but it is such an elusive creature that exact numbers are impossible to clarify.

The extraordinary island of Fogo is just part of the intoxicating Cape Verde experience, and the rest of the islands in the archipelago offer a wildly diverse range of excitement and interest to match it. is presenting the opportunity to place overseas property investors in the heart of this wonderful Atlantic Ocean paradise. Cape Verde is currently being recognised as an exciting new property market, ensuring that now is a very good time to buy while Cape Verde property prices remain extremely cheap.

If you are considering buying a home overseas, whether as a holiday home, for permanent residence, as a retirement home or for investment purposes, Cape Verde is a highly recommended territory in which to do so. Property for sale in Cape Verde is cheap, of excellent quality, and currently very much in vogue as an emerging market. For further information on property in Cape Verde, please feel free to contact us directly.

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