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Investment property in Cape Verde: Santa Antao

There are a great many reasons to pay a visit to the Cape Verde island of Santo Antao, and one of them is rum! Although the excellent Cape Verdian rum is available on all of the islands, it is said that it tastes sweetest on Santa Antao due to the sugar cane grown here. Add coffee, bananas and a little local distilling expertise to the mix and you have a delicious, potent spirit that should be approached with caution and sampled in moderation!

Alcohol aside, Santa Antao is considered the most scenic of all the Cape Verde islands - and a fine destination for those that enjoy exploring on foot. Although there is a small airport at the town of Ponta do Sol, flights are currently limited, so Santa Antao is most easily reached by ferry from Mindelo on the neighbouring island of Sao Vicente, taking just an hour before docking at Porto Novo.

From Porto Novo, most visitors head for the best bases from which to explore the island – Vila de Ribeira Grande and Ponta do Sol. The former town was founded in the 16th Century, but is more popularly known as Povoacao, and is flanked by two beautiful valleys that make for prime trekking country. Ponta do Sol is just 10 minutes away, and is a quiet town boasting some lovely 19th Century colonial buildings.

Santa Antao’s reputation as the most spectacular island of the Cape Verde archipelago is deserved when you consider that it is divided in half by a dramatic, highly picturesque mountain range. The mountains provide fantastic hiking trails, but for the less energetic, sections can be accessed by roads that lead to lookout points that provide wonderful panoramic views.

Another reason to visit Santa Antao is to look at a rock! But, this is no ordinary rock, as it appears to hold secrets that are yet to be fully understood. It is a large rock in a lush valley floor close to the village of Janela, bearing mysterious inscriptions that could point to the fact that the Portuguese were not, in fact, the first visitors to Cape Verde. Although it is still to be established, it is thought that these visitors were Chinese, sailing from southern India, and that the language of the carvings is Malayalam. But, no-one is sure…

You can entertain your own theories as to the mystery of the rock at Janela, Santa Antao, in buying property for sale in Cape Verde! If you have considered investing in overseas property, perhaps with the intention of renting, or as a holiday or retirement home, Cape Verde is a rapidly emerging market offering extraordinarily cheap property at the present time. Off-plan Cape Verde property is available at a fraction of the price of property on sale in many parts of Europe, and so is starting to sell very quickly as the potential of the market is realised.

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