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Properties available to buy in Cape Verde Property available to buy in Cape Verde
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Cape Verde islands - area guides for Property in Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a wonderful array of resorts available to choose from, whether your looking for young and lively, or secluded and peaceful. Cape Verde offers property investment solutions to both at a reasonable price, and a good return on investment for your money

Cape Verde area guide is proud to offer properties for sale in the very exciting emerging property market of Cape Verde. This exotic, unspoiled, semi-tropical paradise represents the chance for an extraordinary new life in the sun, or you may wish to purchase property for sale in Cape Verde with view to rental or as a holiday home: whatever your intention, can fully assist you in finding exactly the right Cape Verde property to suit your budget and exact requirements. Property in Cape Verde currently offers outstanding value for money, but as with all presently untapped markets, this situation will change as interest in the islands increases.

Boa Vista investment property area guide

Part of the north group of islands (collectively known as Barlavento), Boa Vista is a compact 240 square miles in size and, although not by a great distance, is the closest to the West African coast. It’s very easy to see all you need to here by hiring a car or a local aluguer – a small truck equipped with seats. Many prefer the latter option, as it allows full views of the local sights as the cooling wind rushes through your hair.

Buying property in Brava, Cape Verde - area guide

The Cape Verde island of Brava belongs to the south Sotavento group, and is considered as perhaps the most unique and attractive in the entire archipelago. It is a lush and mysterious place only 25 square kilometres is size, dominated by vegetation and flora that lend Brava a deep green, jungle-like appearance. It is an enchanting island, the smallest of the group, and yet offers a wealth of treasures for the visitor.

Area guide to buying property in Fogo, Cape Verde

Fogo, Cape Verde’s ‘Mother’ island, is one of the archipelago’s destinations for true adventurers, with most activity focusing on the dominant, extinct volcano that formed the island millions of years ago. In fact, to visit Fogo and not go to see the volcano is unthinkable! With a summit not far short of 3,000 metres, Mt. Fogo (or Pico de Fogo) is Cape Verde’s highest point, and the views from the rim are understandably breathtaking

Maio investment property area guide

We all have our own personal visions of what constitutes the perfect ‘desert island’: an exotic, sun-drenched paradise that, for the duration of your stay, feels like it belongs to you. There is no-one to be seen in any direction, and the only sounds are the rustling of palm fronds in the breeze, waves breaking on the shore, the song of local birdlife and the squeaking of sand beneath your toes. This is pretty much what the Cape Verde island of Maio is like.

Buying Property in Sal Island, Cape Verde area guide

Sal is one of those island destinations where there isn’t a huge amount to see, but it really doesn’t matter as the emphasis is almost entirely on beachlife. Like Boa Vista and Maio, tourists head here for what can only be described as superb beaches of fine white sand, plus the accompanying watersport culture. The sea is crystal clear and perfectly clean off Sal, making for great swimming, diving and windsurfing.

Buying a property in Santo Antao area guide

There are a great many reasons to pay a visit to the Cape Verde island of Santo Antao, and one of them is rum! Although the excellent Cape Verdian rum is available on all of the islands, it is said that it tastes sweetest on Santa Antao due to the sugar cane grown here. Add coffee, bananas and a little local distilling expertise to the mix and you have a delicious, potent spirit that should be approached with caution and sampled in moderation!

Buying investment property for sale in Santiago area guide

Of all the islands in the Cape Verde archipelago, it is Santiago (or Sao Tiago) that is most characterised by African, rather than Portuguese influence. It is seen and felt particularly in the music and colourful markets (especially in the town of Assomada), where the atmosphere is distinctly that you would find just 400 kilometres or so to the east in Dakar, Senegal. The African influence is most keenly appreciated at festival time, when the music performed is more skittering African rhythms than intense Latin fire! It is a change from other Cape Verde islands, but then this is one aspect of the archipelago that makes its appeal so far reaching – each island differs from the last, and then again from the next.

Investment Property in Sao Nicaolau area guide

Anyone fond of outdoor activity will become instantly smitten with the Cape Verde island of Sao Nicolau. This is a paradise for trekkers, walkers and hill climbers, as it is rugged country evolved from massive volcanic activity of millions of years since passed. Hiking here presents both rewarding ambles with great scenery, and tough hill-walking for the hardy and experienced. The interior of the island offers particularly good trails if you simply enjoy stretching your legs whilst enjoying the natural attractions of the area.

Guide to property in Sao Vicente

Everywhere has its own bohemia, and in the Cape Verde archipelago it is the enchanting island of Sao Vicente. Traditionally, this is where Cape Verdean artists, writers, intellectuals and musicians have gathered from across the island group, citing the cosmopolitan atmosphere and strong cultural identity of Sao Vicente as greatly conducive to producing great work in their respective fields. And it is a fact that all of the great names in Cape Verdean music, at least, hail from the island; this is a destination where music plays a big part in the in the lives of its people.

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