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Resort Guide to property for sale in Italy

Situated on the Mediterranean, Italy has something for everyone including beautiful landscapes and medieval hill towns, historic Roman ruins, Alpine skiing, excellent cuisine, fine wine and classic Renaissance art. With so much on offer and such variety, a property in Italy could be your dream home.

Property for sale in Tuscany, Italy - An area guide

The area of central Italy known as Tuscany is one of those parts of the world that unfailingly leaves an indelible impression on the visitor. Although Tuscany does have some truly marvellous tourist attractions, investment property and a great deal of gorgeous countryside, it is more its unique, almost dreamlike atmosphere that so affects everyone that has the good fortune to spend time here.

Property for sale in Campania, Calitri - Resort information

Calitri is an entrancing medieval hillside village in the gorgeous region of Campania, Italy and represents a very exciting new investment opportunity that is just that little bit different! Calitri is the subject of a huge renovation project aimed at restoring parts of the village with local craftsmen using time-tested materials and traditional methods. The Medieval Hamlet of Calitri Project has seen property developers working in conjunction with local councillors to re-establish this beautiful location as a holiday destination for the residents of Italy and foreign holidaymakers alike, in turn encouraging investment in the project from private overseas investors. It is anticipated that this will be a massively successful undertaking, and so a potentially excellent investment.

Property for sale in Sardinia, Castelsardo - Resort information

As dramatic locations in which to live go, Castelsardo ranks very well indeed. A small town clustered around and crowning a promontory on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Castelsardo is an ancient community founded by the Genoan Doria family back in the 12th Century. The superb castle and remaining fortifications date back to this time, and give a real insight to life in Castelsardo in those days. The town is famous for unique designs in basket weaving from palm fronds, and the interior of the castle now houses a museum dedicated to this craft.

Property for sale in Pisa, Italy - Resort information

Set at the mouth of the River Arno in Tuscany, Pisa is a lovely town with a huge history. Considering its unusual nature, it is understandable that the town’s legendary leaning tower is the attraction most associated with Pisa – but rest assured there is a great deal more to this enchanting destination than this iconic architectural marvel.

Property for sale in Sardinia - An area guide

Situated 120 miles west from the mainland of Italy, directly beneath Corsica, Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island after Sicily at 24,090 square kilometres. Home to around 1,650,000, Sardinia is an autonomous part of Italy divided into eight provinces, with Cagliari as its capital. A beautiful island packed with attractions, it is tourism that is the mainstay of the Sardinian economy, but it is easy to see why when visitors are presented with such a huge variety of things to do and see plus a massive history to discover.

Property for sale in Tuscany, Italy: Valdera Valley - An area guide

There are few places anywhere in Europe that have yet to be 'discovered' as tourist destinations, but perhaps this is just as well - otherwise these places could not remain the unspoiled paradises and precious secrets they are. One such area is Tuscany’s Valdera Valley, but it seems incredible that it is so overlooked as, in so many ways, it is classic Tuscany.

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