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Properties available to buy in the Algarve, Portugal, Porto and central Portugal Property available to buy in Portugal
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Property for sale in Portugal - Area Guides

Portugal, a country with a strong seafaring past, looks out from the Iberian Peninsula towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal's rich history, influenced by various civilizations that have crossed the Mediterranean and the European continent, has had a lasting impact on the culture of the country. Moorish and Oriental influences in Potuguese architecture and the arts are prominent.

During the summer, in the month of June, festivities dedicated to three saints known as Santos Populares (Popular saints) take place all over Portugal. Folk dance and music, particularly the melancholy fado, remain vibrant.

Portugal & property in Portugal

Property in Portugal is an ever-attractive proposition for anyone considering or actively involved in overseas property investment. As a country with a steady flow of tourists, especially in the Algarve, buying a property in Portugal with the intention to rent has to be viewed as a good move. Property for sale in Portugal is both good value and of sound construction, so whether intended for relocation, semi-permanent residence, as a holiday home or solely to rent, represents a superb investment opportunity. Villas in Portugal are extremely popular and never on the market for very long; if this kind of property is of interest and you are keen not to miss that property of a lifetime, please subscribe to our free newsletter service to keep yourself fully updated.

An Area Guide to Portugal and the types of property for sale in Portugal

Albufeira & the types of property for sale in Portugal

The town of Albufeira, now one of Portugal's hugely popular hotspots for tourism, has had a rough old time of it down the centuries. Firstly, it has been all but completely destroyed three times by earthquakes - in 1719, 1722 and 1755. In the last instance, tidal waves added to the chaos, but there has not been even a remotely threatening tremor since this 18th Century triple tragedy. Then in 1833, the town was razed to the ground by fire during a Portuguese civil conflict, resulting in a prolonged period of poverty and extreme difficulty for the people of Albufeira.

A guide to Albufeira, Portugal and the types of property for sale in Albufeira

A guide to the Algarve and property for sale in Portugal

Situated on the extreme South of Portugal, this part of the territory was the last to be conquered from the Moors by the Portuguese King Dom Afonso III in 1292. Traces of the Moorish presence are still seen in its unique terraces, chimneys and whitewashed houses.

An area guide to the Algarve and information on Algarve property for sale

Aljezur: West Algarve & Algarve property for sale

Property for sale in the Algarve is rarely on the market for very long. Many people looking to buy property overseas turn to Portugal as an ideal destination regarding climate, culture and cost of living. This is particularly true of Aljezur, where a quiet life can be led coupled with easy access to all the excitement, beaches and attractions of the Algarve. Property in Aljezur always sells quickly, as the area is so idyllic that once someone moves there, they tend to stay put.

A guide to Aljezur: West Algarve, and information on property for sale in the Algarve

Almancil: Algarve and Algarve property

There are two very specific but extremely different reasons to come to this small market town - the first being golf. Yes indeed, if swinging the clubs is your idea of heaven, then Almancil is right in the heart of the Algarve’s golfer’s paradise. With a dozen world-class courses all within easy reach, there are few better places anywhere is Europe to enjoy the sport. The design and facilities of Algarve courses are world-renowned, and the reputation is totally deserved. Golf in the Algarve is as good as it gets anywhere outside the USA.

An area guide to Almancil, the Algarve, and information on property for sale in the Algarve

Castro Marim: Algarve & Portugal property

Due to the beauty and peacefulness of Castro Marim, property here is always in high demand, as it generally is all over the Algarve region. It is therefore advisable to act quickly if you are interested in investing in Castro Marim property, so please feel free to contact us directly if any homes in this region from our large portfolio of Algarve property should interest you.

A guide to Castro Marim the Algarve and the Castro Marim property for sale in Portugal

Douro Valley: Northern Portugal & property for sale in portugal

If peace and quiet coupled with inspirational natural surroundings is what you seek in life, it could be that the Douro Valley is for you. Property for sale in Northern Portugal currently represents excellent value for money for very high quality homes. With the intended push towards a greater flow of tourists through Northern Portugal, investment in property in the Douro Valley has enticing long term prospects. But for now, at least, property in Northern Portugal makes for the perfect holiday, retirement or permanent residence. If you are interested in learning more about the Douro Valley, Northern Portugal or property for sale in this region, please do not hesitate in contacting us directly.

An area guide to the Douro Valley and property for sale in Northern Portugal

Faro: Algarve & property for sale in Algarve

Faro is a buzzing destination that serves as the administrative capital of the Algarve. Home to around 56,000 people, Faro is typical of the area in that it has a huge and fascinating history. This can be seen in the varied ruins of cultures long since passed, from Moorish to Arab to Roman.

A guide to Faro, the administrative capital of the Algarve

Lagos: Algarve & property for sale in the Algarve

Situated just inland from the coast (but still close enough to beaches) in West Algarve, Lagos (meaning ‘lakes’: pronounced ‘lah-gush’) is an ancient town of historical maritime significance. Property for sale in the Algarve is always in high demand; the beauty of an area such as Lagos municipality is a perfect example as to why. When Algarve property goes on sale it is normally sold very quickly.

An area guide to Lagos, the Algarve and Lagos property in Portugal

Loulé: Central Algarve & Algarve property

The town of Loulé is home to around 20,000, and serves as a fairly tranquil base from which to explore the enchanting Loulé municipality. From here, visitors have access to some of the finest beaches of the Algarve at Vilamoura, Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago - on all of which you will find dedicated pages in this Resort Guide

A guide to Loulé, Portugal and the types of property for sale in Loulé

Praia da Luz: West Algarve & property in Portugal

Luz is a popular tourist centre with a cosmopolitan flavour. It is a small and lovely fisherman's village 5kms west of Lagos, very popular, where you can find everything you need, supermarkets, shops of any kind, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, post office, tennis and other sports complexes and a beautiful beach. Close to the golf courses of Boavista (2 km), Palmares (6kms) and Parque da Floresta (10 km). Many people enjoy spending holiday there and therefore the letting potential on the area is very high.

An area guide to Praia da Luz: West Algarve, and information on Algarve property for sale in Portugal

Quinta do Lago: Central Algarve & Algarve property

Quinta do Lago is a paradise for golf nuts, with three of the best courses to be found anywhere in the Algarve: Pinheiros Altos, Sao Lorenzo and Quinta do Lago. One of Europe's most famous and spectacular holes features at the latter: the 15th, where a 200 metre shot is needed to clear a lake onto a lush green surrounded by pine trees; this is apparently the sort of stuff that golf dreams are made of!

A guide to Quinta do Lago, Portugal and the types of property for sale in Quinta do Lago: Central Algarve

Silves: Central Algarve & property for sale in Algarve

If you have been considering investment in property overseas, but entertaining the notion of immersing yourself in an area of riveting history, Portugal’s Algarve region is somewhere that would certainly appeal. Silves is a fine example of the historical and cultural richness of the Algarve, and may be just the destination for you.

An area guide to Loulé, Central Algarve and the types of property for sale in the Algarve

Tavira: Eastern Algarve & property for sale in Portugal

Tavira is an ancient town left with the marks of many civilisations. Its origins date back over 4,000 years, and it has been considered a very important town for many reasons down the years - not least because it was once a major centre for fishing, and a port shipping goods such as wine, dried fish and salt around the Mediterranean. Today, Tavira is one of the Algarve’s most attractive towns, particularly in an architectural sense.

A guide to investing in property for sale in the Algarve and Tavira

Vale de Lobo: Algarve & property in Portugal

This Algarve destination is a fully-functioning resort offering excellent sporting facilities, shopping, dining, entertainment and amenities, Vale do Lobo is also blessed with wonderful beaches that have frequently been voted as amongst the best in the whole of Europe. You will always find plenty of visitors sunbathing and swimming here, but the majority head to Vale do Lobo for the magnificent golfing facilities.

An area guide to Vale de Lobo, the Algarve and investing in Vale de Lobo property for sale in Portugal

Vilamoura: Central Algarve & property for sale in the Algarve

Considering the range and volume of activities available in this most popular of Algarve resorts, and the large numbers of holidaymakers that flock here to indulge in them, investing in buy-to-rent property in Vilamoura can only be a wise decision. As would be expected of such an immaculate resort with top quality facilities, the property for sale in Vilamoura is also of the very highest quality - but still representing excellent value for money as a long-term investment.

A guide to Vilamoura, Portugal and investing in property for sale in the Algarve

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