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Property for sale in the Algarve: Castro Marim

The town and municipal area of Castro Marim constitute the eastern extremity of the Algarve, bordering Spain – the two nations divided at this point by the Guardania River. This is ancient land, with archaeological evidence suggesting that the first settlers lived here over 5,000 years ago. There is also plenty of evidence in the area of Phoenician and Roman occupation, and it seems from archaeological findings that agriculture, fishing, boat building and the production of salt were the mainstays of the local economy for many centuries.

There is plenty to see and do for the whole family in and around Castro Marim, particularly in the town itself. The famous castle is an irresistible draw, especially as the views from it are fantastic: the distant, silent hills of Castro Marim’s interior brood to the north, while the sea twinkles to the south, and the ochre’s, blues and dazzling whites of the surrounding town form a delightful patchwork of colour. The main town church is very pretty, and boasts a belltower of great elegance.

If history and grand architecture are not really your thing, the natural world of Castro Marim is sure to delight. For a start, there are three utterly gorgeous beaches surrounded by forests of pine trees: Alagoa, Retur and Verde/Cabeco. And then there is the fabulous Salt Marsh Natural Reserve, which is a wonderland of fauna and flora that will fascinate and thrill the whole family. This is a permanent home to many of the innumerable species here, so you are always guaranteed to see something of interest. On over 2,000 hectares of land and wet, salty marshes, there is in excess of 150 species of bird – including flamingos, avocets and storks – plus many types of fish, crustacean and reptile, and an amazing 450 different kinds of plant.

Due to the beauty and peacefulness of Castro Marim, property here is always in high demand, as it generally is all over the Algarve region. It is therefore advisable to act quickly if you are interested in investing in Castro Marim property, so please feel free to contact us directly if any homes in this region from our large portfolio of Algarve property should interest you.

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