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Property for sale in the Algarve: Silves

Surrounded by aromatic pine trees and the major Portuguese orange-growing lands, the Central Algarve town of Silves has long been a site of importance in the history of both the Algarve and Portugal, and is now one of the most visited destinations in the whole country. As somewhere where cultures and periods of time overlap and dovetail in ‘living history’, Silves certainly makes for a fascinating and rewarding destination.

Dominating Silves at its highest point, clearly visible approaching the town, are the two architectural marvels that Silves is best known for today. A castle of Arab origin sits atop the crown next to a Gothic cathedral constructed on the site where an ancient mosque once stood. Underneath the castle – still used by the people of Silves today – is an ingenious underground reservoir that goes by the delightfully odd name of Cistern of the Enchanted Moorish Girl! Silves was named Xelb by the Moors, who built magnificent palaces here sadly long since destroyed by earthquakes or conflict, so it is satisfying that their significant contribution to the development of the town is still represented in the marvellous castle.

Elsewhere in Silves, there is a historical mystery in Ponte Romana, a picturesque bridge crossing the River Arade: many experts insist it is the original Roman structure, and others dictate that it dates back only as far as the 12th Century, having replaced the Roman original. Although it retains a name that indicates Roman origin, no-one seems to be sure!

If you have been considering investment in property overseas, but entertaining the notion of immersing yourself in an area of riveting history, Portugal’s Algarve region is somewhere that would certainly appeal. Silves is a fine example of the historical and cultural richness of the Algarve, and may be just the destination for you. has a varied range of superb property for sale in the Algarve, including property in Silves.

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