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Property for sale in Turkey

An exotic land of over a hundred centuries of riveting history, Turkey represents an enticing Mediterranean gateway to the east that attracts an increasing number of visitors each year - 2004 seeing around 14.5 million holidaymakers sampling her bounteous attractions. Turkey is a nation of almost overwhelming interest with so much to satisfy any kind of visitor, further enhanced by the greatly diverse cultural shadings of the eight neighbours with whom Turkey shares her borders.

Those seeking purely a relaxing beach holiday will find amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world here: Turkey does, after all, boast around 5,000 miles of stunning coastline with the Mediterranean to the south, the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the inland Sea of Marmara in the northwest. Endless stretches of golden sands, secluded coves, quiet bays, wonderful rocky headlands and charming fishing villages bathed in an average minimum of seven months of coastal sunshine per year, and it is easy to see why Turkey is such a popular destination for sun worshippers alone.

But there is so much more! Those seeking a largely cultural experience from a visit to Turkey will be stunned by the art, architecture, museums and hundreds of extraordinary historical sites that so richly reflect the influences of the thirteen consecutive civilisations that have shaped Turkey’s remarkable history and cultural identity down the centuries. In straddling both Europe and Asia, the ancient and modern collide in dramatic fashion, further adding to Turkey’s intoxicating effect on the visitor. No visit to Turkey could be complete without visits to the legendary ancient city of Troy, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya Museum and the obvious abundance of wonders of Istanbul, and that’s just for starters.

For the adventurers and sports-inclined, Turkey again has much to offer. Water sports, mountaineering, rafting, yachting, diving and even winter sports can be pursued in Turkey, and the many beautiful parks, lakes, caves, springs, spas and unique wildlife present further opportunities to relax and explore this fascinating country.

As if everything Turkey spreads before us wasn’t enough to tempt, Turkish cuisine is superb, and so naturally appreciated the world over. Aromatic, full of flavour and generally wholesome and healthy, traditional Turkish dishes are largely eastern in origin, but there is always plenty to satisfy the western palate throughout the country. As one of the world’s leading producers of figs, wheat, apricots, grapes, nuts and various vegetables, any Turkish dishes containing such ingredients will always be a real treat for the gastronome. And let’s not forget the mouth-watering experience that is Turkish Delight!

Not only is getting to Turkey cheaper and easier than ever before (with airports at Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Antalaya and Dalaman), but general living expenses are very low in Turkey compared with most anywhere in Western Europe. This is mirrored in the prices of property for sale in Turkey, where excellent value, spacious properties can be purchased, whether intended as a permanent place of residence, holiday retreat or rental investment.

In 2001, important changes to the law were made which made it possible for foreigners to purchase Turkish property. These changes kick-started a lot of new building projects, resulting in an enormous expansion of the choice of houses and apartments available to purchase. Accordingly, the rapidly rising demand for such properties has been met with increased supply; this in turn has kept prices at realistic levels so that, in general, they seem broadly similar to those which pertained in Spain as long ago as the mid-1980s.

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